How To Uninstall Apps You Installed From Microsoft Store In Windows 10

Before going any further, however, I should mention that the installation and uninstall were performed by Inno Setup Studio 5 for a program that I wrote. After using debug mode to install/uninstall a few times, the Inno Setup install has “dirtied” my Windows 10 “All apps” list. While it’s a wonderful tool you’ll be positively buzzing to have work for you. The downside is some features like batch uninstall only function in the professional version.

Once done, you’ll see a success screen confirming that the app has been removed and restart is not required. Most Windows 10 devices come with bloatware in some form or another. Bloatware is a rather subjective term and can range from your OEM’s apps to Microsoft’s own apps that do nothing but take up precious space and get in your way of working. Next you can copy and paste the following command line in PowerShell window, and press Enter to remove Cortana from Windows 10.

  • There isn’t one right or wrong way to go about taking screenshots.
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  • In general, there is absolutely no need for this thing, the same way there was no need for Windows 10 look & feel.

If you have downloaded and installed Office apps or components from the Windows Store then, it is possible to uninstall individual Office apps. A plus point here is, the uninstallation process in no way affects other installed apps. Windowswill uninstall the program, deleting all of its files and data. In some cases, the program may have its own custom uninstaller, which should open when you click “Uninstall.” When it’s complete, the program will disappear from the list.

Removing Specific Apps From Your Current Account

Use Nsudo open powershell with elevated permissions of “TrustedInstaller” and you can easily remove Microsoft.XboxGameCallableUI. Could not be removed because it is part of Windows. @Darude-FOTR @joshschmelzle And then you’re stuck dealing with whatever else CCleaner leaves behind. @Darude-FOTR did you try using ccleaner to remove the xbox app and were you successful?

Many people do not like pre-installed utilities and shortcuts, partly because they are too simple sometimes. The download ffmpeg_dll screenshot shortcut, for example, does not offer any picture editing. Vidmore Screen Recorder is a more flexible option to screenshot part of your screen.

Customize The Start Menu And Taskbar In Windows 10

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There are many situations that you need to screenshot on laptop HP. For instance, you need to take a screenshot to grab the Google Map images for offline viewing. As for most gamers, taking screenshots is a good way to keep achievements.