Buddhist Trails

With almost 3000 years of history holding ancient cities in their place, Sri Lanka is renowned for its glory in the remnants of palaces, temples, monasteries, and many more historical and religious places of interest. Sri Lanka is known as the land of Theravadha Buddhist teachings and is believed that the Lord Buddha had visited the country thrice after the Buddhahood. The city of Anuradhapura especially, passes as one of the grandest monastic cities in Asia established in the 4th Century BC with the advent of Buddhism.

Sacred relics of Lord Buddha are enshrined in various Dagabas or Chedis throughout the country and venerated by Buddhists all over the world. Sri Lanka is the home to two most visited Buddhist temples in the world: the tooth relic temple and Sri Maha Bodhi- the world’s oldest tree with a recorded history. With an astonishing eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites within its compact shores, Sri Lanka can indeed boast for its rich history, coulourful culture in all its aspects. The Buddhist trails provides a glimpse of that splendid past. More