Sri Lanka Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand assures strengthening cooperation with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

Joining for the first time at the Board of Trustees online Meeting, on 05th August 2021, Sri Lanka Ambassador to Thailand and Permanent Representative to the UNESCAP C.A. Chaminda I. Colonne assured Sri Lanka’s commitment to furthering relations with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in the Kingdom of Thailand. Ambassador elaborated on the recent discussions between President of the AIT Dr. Eden Y. Woon and Chairman of the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka Senior Prof. Sampath Amratunge, where initiatives were taken for early finalization of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two institutions in the field of post-graduate studies.

Sri Lanka has been represented on the AIT Board of Trustees since 1977 and enjoying long-standing partnerships and collaborations between AIT and Higher Education Institutes in Sri Lanka. There have been 1625 Sri Lankan students pursued Masters and PhDs at AIT over the years and there are eminent Sri Lankan academics serving in the AIT Faculties. Ms. Dulani Chamika Vithanage, one of the developers of Ravana 1; the first satellite of Sri Lanka was also an alumna of the AIT. Currently, there are 42 Sri Lankan students enrolled for postgraduate degrees at the AIT in Thailand.

Ambassador expressed sincere appreciation to the President and the Management of the AIT for providing excellent health care and protection for students and staff and quarantine facilities for the incoming students, including a Sri Lankan student who tested positive for COVID -19 in March 2021.

The Meeting was chaired by Dr. Tongchat Hongladaromp, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and attended by Dr. Eden Y. Woon, President of the AIT, other members to the Board, Mr. Chutintorn Gongsakdi, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, Ambassadors of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Lao PDR and representatives from the Diplomatic Missions of Vietnam, Pakistan, France, Cambodia and Canada in Bangkok.

Embassy & Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka
Bangkok, Thailand

10th August 2021