To Commemorate the Vesak Day-2021 (2564 B.E.), Sri Lanka Embassy and Permanent Mission in Thailand collaborating with True Corporation PLC, Thailand, launched the telecast of 31 episodes of “True Little Monk” on Haritha TV, Sri Lanka

To Commemorate the Vesak Day-2021 (2564 B.E.), the telecast of the international award-winning “True Little Monk” (“True Plookpanya”), documentary series was launched on the Vesak Full Moon Poya Day, 26 May 2021 (2564 B.E. on Haritha TV during the “Buddha Rashmi” National Vesak Programme 2021 held at the Gangaramaya Temple in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The 31-episode series is being telecast for the first time in Sri Lanka in collaboration with True Corporation PLC, Sri Lanka Embassy and Permanent Mission in Thailand, the Ministry of Buddhasasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs, and the Sri Lanka Prime Minister’s Office.The documentary was showcased with Sinhala subtitles. It was the very first translation of the documentary to a foreign language.
In 2018, “True Little monk year 7” started with 12 Thai boys. Later the project expanded with the inclusion of 12 other boys from different nationalities around the world, for international audiences and the documentary was titled as “True Little Monk: A Wisdom Training Programme for Novices”. During the four week creation period of the documentary, all 24 boys studied Dhamma and the essence of Buddhism through age appropriate learning method in line with monastic practices at Wat Nog Pah Pong, a forest monastery established by Phra Bodhinyanathera (Chan Subhaddo).

Authorizing the broadcast of “True Little Monks” for 12 months, starting 26 May 2021 in Sri Lanka, Chief Excellence Center and Education Officer of True Corporation PLC, Thailand Dr. Naetchanok Wipatasinlapin, stated that “It is our wish that we are able to reach out to all audiences in Sri Lanka who are looking for true inner peace and happiness in their lives and hope that the “True Little Monk” programme will be beneficial, and bring happiness to their lives as it does the Thai audience”

Since the first telecast in 2012, “True Little Monk,” the innovative Dhamma documentary has received comment, praises and encouragement from both domestic and international audiences. The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards (2013 and 2016, Award Winner for Educational TV Programme Category), The Telly Awards (2015, 2017, and 2018 Award Winner for the Religious/Spiritual TV Show Category), Asian Academy Creative Awards (2018, Award Winner for Best Children’s Programme Category (Thailand)), TV Gold Awards (2017, Award Winner for the TV Programme for Youths Category), Nataraj Awards (2015-2017, Award for the Best Children Programme Category), and Chor Sa-ard Awards (2014-2016 and 2018, Award for TV Programme Category) are the awards received for the documentary locally and internationally.

On 29 and 30 May 2020, after the launch of the documentary in Sri Lanka, the True TV and Thai News Network (TNN) channels as well as online media Matichon, Siamrath, and Today Line in Thailand, gave nationwide due publicity for the launch.

Embassy and Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka
01 June, 2021